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nová-stránka-284155 Approach to studying the practical field of study materials is to drill or training. Can also be a way to present it with demonstrations, assignments and recitation. The role of a very large demonstration method. PE and health, webmail arts and vocational contains many practical fields of study material.

4. Experiential Study Materials Sector
Material field of study is closely related to the practical field of study materials, only here emphasize the element of creativity. In studying this field of study materials students are expected to develop its activities in the form of creativity, tdak need to be bound by habit - certain habits. Materials experiential field of study is not limited to the field of study in vocational skills, but also terdapt in the field of science studies and the like. For example in the question of what we can do with coconut fiber. From this subject will be out of mind - the mind that is linked to experience, in the form of proceeds derived from coconut fiber such as mats, brooms, fuel, even up to a variety of ornaments. Approach in studying this field of study material is child - centered, ie that all teaching and learning activities berpusta on the interest and attention of students through the application of the principle of active student learning (CBSA).